Stewart "Redd" Hartman

Stewart "Redd" Hartman, born and raised in Gretna, LA (McDonoghville)

is the true definition of Bright Flavor.  Stewart is a product of the Jefferson Parish Public School System, where he graduated from West Jefferson High School.  He later passed his salt to Howard University in DC where he was a part of the

class of 2015. Redd believes that being "Bright Flavor" means being active and

involved in the community with a contagious smile and personality. With that in mind Redd passes his salt through his commitment to feeding and clothing the homeless  and empowering the youth through his organization Redd's World Foundation.  He has lit the path for so many, passing the salt in New Orleans, D.C., Houston, Chicago, Miami, Cleveland, Maryland, Indiana, Las Vegas, California and Atlanta. Stewart is often shining world wide as he host

many events encouraging others to be comfortable as he "shines". He is referred to as Mr. Hartman by his students and Coach Redd by his football players. Mr. Hartman

continues to pass the salt in the community and school system in which he was raised by helping to light successful paths for every person he encounters. He credits his older brother Kennan Henderson for passing the salt and lighting

his path so that he can continue being Bright Flavor.

Thank you Stewart "Redd" Hartman, you are Bright Flavor!

Stewart can be contacted at Stewart.HartmanIV@gmail.com

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