What is your name and how do you shine your light (entrepreneur, student, community leader, strong family, etc.)? 

Melissa Burns McClendon, I am an Entrepreneur. I am a local Realtor and also Local President of the Women's Council of Realtors (non-profit organization focused on empowerment and education of Realtors). As a Realtor, I have been recognized for Excellence in Real Estate by City Business Magazine. I was awarded Rising Star Award and Millennial Award in Real Estate in 2018. My work has been recognized locally and nationally. Locally, I am heavily involved in my local community of Algiers as well as Board Member for NAMI New Orleans (National Alliance on Mental Illness). In 2018, as President Elect of Women's Council of Realtors we helped raise $7500 that was donated to NAMI New Orleans. Also, I am a single mother of 2 teenage daughters.

Why do you believe you are Bright Flavor(Bright flavor being the light of the world, salt of the earth) 

I feel that I have used my passion for real estate as a ministry. My reason for working hard in real estate is to be a good example for my daughters. I work hard daily to help others become homeowners. On a daily basis, I am able to bless and help so many people

How do you pass or have passed the salt in your daily life in your community? 

My passion is to help Single Mothers become homeowners. I became a Homeowner as a single mom because someone else encouraged and motivated me. My calling is to do the same for others.

How do you pass or have passed the salt in your daily life in your worldwide? 

My story has been featured in magazines and website that are online and go worldwide. I hope that it encourages and motivates the right people.

Who or what was most influential in helping you become Bright Flavor and why? 

God has used what I thought was a hardship and made it direct me into my purpose. Real estate has allowed me to help so many. It was the influence of other strong women like my Broker, Delisha Boyd, who influenced me to use real estate to influence others.

What was your turning point in knowing it was ok for you to shine and pass the salt to others while doing so? 

Within the last 2-3 years, I realized that my story motivated others. This made me see that shining my light gave others the courage to shine theirs. It also gave them a role model to look to. Dimming my light never helps anyone. God uses me to help others.

What are some challenges you encounter while letting your light shine? 

Sometimes others pass negative comments. Some people do not fully understand why you are successful or work so hard. But you have to ignore the negative comments and be everything that God called you to become.

How do you plan to continue passing the salt and lighting the world in the future? 

I plan to continue to work in the community and using my calling to help others. I would like to get more involved with mentoring young ladies.

Where can you be contacted? 

Email is alanileah@gmail.com. 

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