What is your name and how do you shine your light (entrepreneur, student, community leader, strong family, etc.)? 

My name is LaShana Chaisson Douville. I am a business owner of The Event Room, Fort Walton Beach , mother of 4, military Widow. I am a podcast mate on Groomed to Grow.

Why do you believe you are Bright Flavor(Bright flavor being the light of the world, salt of the earth) ?

I believe that I am Bright Flavor due to my passion and heart for people. Despite my own tragedy, I want to encourage others in the midst of life's storms. I believe that I speak my truths, accept my wrongs and inspire others with my story. Throughout my journey I want to be vulnerable and authentic. While I am perfectly imperfect, I want others to see His light in me at all times.

How do you pass or have passed the salt in your daily life in your community? 

I pass the salt in my community, usually meeting with customers which allows me the opportunity to share Christ and how He is the only true reason I am standing today. I try to smile as much as I can and think positive. Through my business I am planning memorable occasions for families. Somehow we end up in a conversation about God and how he is working it all out for our good.

How do you pass or have passed the salt in your daily life in your worldwide? 

I take every opportunity I get to listen whether through the podcast, with a customer or in line at a store to listen, to share. Sometimes all others want is just a listening ear.

Who or what was most influential in helping you become Bright Flavor and why? 

It sounds crazy but I will have to admit that accepting my late husband's death played a role in my being who I am now. Understanding that my pain came forth so that others are able to heal, I talk a little more, I share more and I also realize that his death is what has moved me to get into alignment of who I am called to be.

What was your turning point in knowing it was ok for you to shine and pass the salt to others while doing so? 

Last year I started releasing things that were weighing me down, relationships, friendships and things that I knew were keeping me away from my calling. I started to realize that their were people hurting everywhere and they needed to see that in the midst of the fire we all can make it out of the furnace. I just stated telling my story and giving advice to those who wanted it .

What are some challenges you encounter while letting your light shine? 

Some challenges would be allowing myself grace. Forgiving myself for past decisions and not holding my 41 year old self accountable for the decisions that I made when I was younger. Drowning out the enemy's voice when he is trying to distract me.

How do you plan to continue passing the salt and lighting the world in the future? 

Continuing to realize that I have favor and inspiring others to know the same about themselves. We all were made with a purpose and one torch lights the next. I want to change generations, get others talking about those hard topics. My plan is to encourage young women & men to walk into their destiny.

Where can you be contacted? 


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