Jonathan "J.T." Thomas, who was born and raised in

New Orleans, LA (NOLA)

is the true definition of Bright Flavor.  Jonathan is a product of the Orleans Parish School System, where he graduated from Edna Karr High School, now under the InspireNOLA Charter School System. J. T. believes that being "Bright Flavor" means being sensitive to the the inner voice and acting out of love from hearing that “still small voice” from within. With that in mind J. T. passes his salt through his commitment to feeding and clothing the homeless  and coaching and mentoring male youth through his organization A I Spreadlove Foundation, know to many as Love Orleans (www.LoveOrleansUSA.com) .  He has lit the path for so many, passing the salt in New Orleans, Alabama, Houston, Atlanta, Tennessee, California and New York. Jonathan has also passed the salt worldwide in Berlin, Canada, Spain England and Mexico. He is often shining through feeding of the homeless and through coaching AAU basketball to adolescent males. He credits his older brother James Thomas for passing the salt and lighting his path by encouraging him to stay curious and let the voice inside of him lead him.  Jonathan “J.T.” plans to continue to pass the salt and light the path to everyone he meets,

doing it “with love of course”. For more information on the A I Spreadlove Foundation, J. T. can be reached via the website at www.LoveOrleansUSA.com.

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