What is your name and how do you shine your light (entrepreneur, student, community leader, strong family, etc.)? *

Angel D. Thomas I shine my light by shining light on others through my "Love Talk" platform. I consider myself to be a community leader.

Why do you believe you are Bright Flavor(Bright flavor being the light of the world, salt of the earth) *

I believe I am bright favor because of the type of person that I am. I am relatable, loving, caring, willing to listen & learn. I posses something that the world needs more of and that is LOVE!

How do you pass or have passed the salt in your daily life in your community? *

I pass the salt in my community by bringing awareness to topics that are not talked about in our community. Once we know better than we are able to do better. I want to expose different ways of thinking and make the "not" normal, NORMAL!

How do you pass or have passed the salt in your daily life in your worldwide? *

The same way I pass the salt in my community I plan to do worldwide. Many people are not exposed to the same things and have no idea of the struggles and success that different cultures have. I am working towards making it known nationwide so that way people are more aware.

Who or what was most influential in helping you become Bright Flavor and why? *

Me just not knowing has been the most influential in helping me become a bright flavor. I decided that enough was enough and decided that I need to break generational curses and expose myself, family, and community to more.

What was your turning point in knowing it was ok for you to shine and pass the salt to others while doing so? *

Once I let go of fear it was up from there.

What are some challenges you encounter while letting your light shine? *

Although I let go of fear I still sometimes am fearful but I do not allow that to consume me. I have learned to DO IT, WITH FEAR!

How do you plan to continue passing the salt and lighting the world in the future? *

I plan to expand my platform further than just social media.

Where can you be contacted? *

Email: Raidiantlove94@yahoo.com  or  IG: @radiantlove_

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