Amaya Hughes is the owner of The Life of the Party Events, www.thelifeofthepartyevents.com. She is a great definition as Bright Flavor as she shines by being a Child of God, a daughter, a sister, educator and an entrepreneur. Amaya says that she believes in encouraging others to do the things that they feel are intangible for them, her words to them are “Trust God and DO IT”, which is why she has been chosen as "Bright Flavor". In the community,  Amaya passes the salt as an educator. Though being an educator is not her full time career, she passes the salt daily as an English Second Language instructor at Delgado Community College. Through her full time job as an entrepreneur she still has the opportunity to pass the salt with her clients as she builds life long relationships and encourages and motivates them as she does with just about everyone she meets. As a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Ms. Hughes has had the opportunity to shine a light by doing many service projects in her local community and nationally that has and continues to make an impact on many.  Ms. Sherlyn Hughes, Amaya’s mother, has been and is still the most influential in helping her become Bright Flavor because of the values she has taught and shows her on a daily basis. Amaya says her mother’s actions through genuinely helping family members, being involved in her church, and being an amazing Social Worker helps her to see what she should do in her daily life. Moving forward Amaya plans to continue to pass the salt by trusting God in all things and move when He says move, when doing this she knows God will set up those opportunities for her to pass the salt and make a difference in many lives.

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